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Ask questions about Paruresis, tell your story, talk about it!
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Post by onlyafool123 » Sun May 10, 2020 4:15 pm


Hope everyone is well.
Very strange times at the moment.
Has anyone been impacted by the coronavirus?
I and many others may feel isolated at the moment.
So I wanted to start a thread to open up a conversation
Between us all. How is everybody coping?

-Dylan from adelaide

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Post by JohnW » Fri May 15, 2020 3:52 pm

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the post. You are asking good questions. Of course, it’s a knock-out for paruresis recovery practising. Even if you were to go out to have a practice, public toilets are probably not a good idea – to say nothing of the task of convincing a police officer of your reason to be out and about. The monthly Sydney Support Group is closed down for the time being. And the 2020 workshop is probably a write-off.

My wife and I are well into retirement, and most of our activity is centred on the home anyway, so things are not all that different. But it's been a pain not having the grandchildren in the house, and having to talk to them with the front fence in between! And we are prevented from going to places we would normally go to. We do look at the figures for new contacts for the whole country as announced in the newspaper each morning, and it’s great to see how those numbers are reducing. It is inevitable, however, they will increase once people start to return to work.

I sometimes consult the “active cases per postcode area”, and it’s good to see that my postcode and most surrounding ones have no active cases at the moment. But I am conscious of the fact that age-wise, my wife and I are very much in the “highly vulnerable” group. I seem to be very healthy for my age, but that wouldn’t spare me from a gruelling experience if I were to be infected. My wife has more health issues than I do. So for us, there is certainly a level of concern which you younger guys may not have (rightly or wrongly!).

The other big area of concern is for people who have lost their job or who have a diminished chance of getting one. It’s going to be very difficult for a lot of people, for a long time.


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