Constant pain?

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Constant pain?

Post by damos4000 » Sun May 24, 2009 9:06 am


I have been a paurasis sufferer for many, many years. I have always had difficulty urinating in public, however I could normally use a cubical in a public toilet under certain circumstances. However I could never use a toilet at work or at someone’s house if I thought someone may be able to hear.

Then a few years ago, while on a long-haul flight I just couldn’t go. In the end, I went into urinary retention and had to be catheterised. I had the catheter for about 2 weeks. Once removed, I was actually the best I had ever been. However, a few years on, I have regressed to basically being unable to go in almost any situation.

I have tried seeing a psychologist, for many sessions of CBT, but still have not been able to make any real progress.

I am starting to think that there may be something more to it. Hence this post. As I mentioned, at work I have always had difficulty. But these days, the difficulty starts as soon as I get to work and sit down. I have an office job, sitting down all day. I find that I have a sense of urgency for the duration of the day. I have seen a doctor and was referred to a urologist and could find nothing wrong.

I think that maybe my constant anxiety in relation to going to the bathroom at work is now manifesting itself in constant pain down there and constantly feeling like I have to go. If I do go to the bathroom, im unable to go (probably because I just don’t need to) and this then starts the vicious cycle. So in the end, I think about the bathroom for the duration of my work day. Does anyone else experience a similar feeling?

I should mention, I have also tried taking anti-depressants for anxiety and these made me 10 times worse so stopped taking them after 2 weeks.
Im also curious to see if anyone has been catheterised before? Im contemplating finding a doctor who will catheterise me and see if this helps the situation once it is removed.

As im sure you all know, I am going insane with this, and just feel that I have tried everything possible with no success.


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Re: Constant pain?

Post by rossco309 » Sun May 24, 2009 10:53 pm


I can relate to some of your experiences during my working career (I have now been retired 3 1/2 yrs). I could normally only go at work in a quiet toilet by sitting down and waiting until no one else was there, and i used to always try to go when i knew that the toilets would be quiet. I would always have great difficulty at home if friends were around, or if out at friends houses I usually would just hang on until i got home. I had learnt some relaxation techniques thro' the years, using deep breathing with my eyes focused on one point while siting down in a cubicle, or airplane toilet, and i normally would eventually go. Also GP's thro the years had prescribed the relaxant valium, this seemed to help a little bit as well.

Once I found out the name for my problem, I read the book "Shy Bladder Syndrome" by Steven Soifer. Have you read it yet? It will help you to understand what is going on with your mind and body, so you will be able to find a way to start recovery. One thing I learnt very early in my recovery was to drink alot more water, even while at work, so that I had a lot higher urgency (bladder fullness) before I would attempt to go to the toilet, and by the time I retired I was normally able to use a urinal, or cubicle standing up, even when others were nearby (tho' not next to me).

I'm glad to hear you have seen a urolgist, and that all seems fine. It means that you probably only are suffering with this social anxiety disorder, and recovery is possible. It will take time and plenty of practice but you will improve. Follow the steps outlined in the book, they work!!!

Regards Ross. ( Sydney Support Group)

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