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Welcome to phpBB3

Post by JohnW » Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:42 pm

Welcome to our new Forum format. For reasons which are not clear to us, the old Ceilidh page failed, and we could not access some of the threads, or post new ones. I am very grateful to Darren, a member of the P.A.A. Committee, who is very computer-literate and who set up the more modern phpBB format for us. It will take us all a little time to become familiar with its features, but I am sure that the change will be of benefit to us. Happy posting!


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Re: Welcome to phpBB3

Post by Darren » Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:07 pm

Yes, for some reason or another, files went missing on the Ceillidh forum. They possibly could have been retrieved from a backup but we decided it was a good opportunity to upgrade to modern forum software anyway.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but if everyone can re-post their current messages in the new forum, that will get things started.

You will need to re-register on this forum as well and choose a username.


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Re: Welcome to phpBB3

Post by Russell Gibbs » Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:09 pm

Hi John

This is a pleasant surprise to logon to a new Forum format for my first posting in a long time. It is great that the official decision to proceed with the sixth Australian Paruresis Workshop has been confirmed by you today. I am pleased to be again co-ordinating the events of the weekend of February 20th 2009 and hope that you are able to join us at Melbourne once again to provide your valuable input.

In my first posting I would like to pass on this thought to others joining the forum. As numbers for enrollment are at this stage at a minimum, I would encourage anyone suffering with Shy Bladder Syndrome, Paruresis, or Pee Shy (as you may wish to name it), to consider joining us at Melbourne Airport for what is potentially - a life changing experience.....that is to be able to use public restrooms without the usual anxiety, avoidance behaviour, or fear of leaving without voiding at all (and doing it how you want to do it).

This advice is based on US research of the worshop program conducted by Professor Steve Soifer all around the world, and my own observations of the four Australian workshops I have had the pleasure to be involved in. Most participants have a significant level of improvement during the weekend, and many continue to maintain at least some of their gains when returning home. In my own Clinical Practice I also witness improvement for those willing to take the first steps to changing their behaviour and attitudes - to what is clearly a Social Anxiety problem. So the good news is that Paruresis can be overcome at least to the point of it not interfering with the normal functioning of your life, and the Workshop is a great place to start. In the past the Fri night, Saturday, and Sunday morning event has been booked out, with an allowance of an extra few over the 20 participant maximum agreed to by the Board for the Sydney Workshop held back in January 2008. I am confident it will fill up quickly as in past years, now that it has been announced as proceeding.

For those on the mailing list of JohnW and the Paruresis Association of Australia, check your emails for the latest info on the Melbourne Workshop. Then Register here and start some discussion of your experiences with Paruresis, particularly any experiences of attending the Sydney or Melbourne workshops of the last few years. For others unsure of the details or wanting more information, feel free to Register on this site and post your enquiries...preferably directed to JohnW.

All the Best to former workshop participants...hope to see some of you again for a refresher!


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